Album of Man

by Monsterworks

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Following on from The God Album, and taking the listener even deeper into a philosophical landscape, Album of Man was recorded in April 2010, again at Earth Terminal Studios with Lewis Childs. Thematically, this is a “cradle to grave” type exploration of what it means to be human.


released March 28, 2013

Hugo : Bass and Acoustic Guitar
James : Drums
Marcus : Guitars
Jon : Guitars and Vocals

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Lewis Childs
at Earth Terminal Studios, Hampshire, UK



all rights reserved


Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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Track Name: The Creation Dream
Purest dream instantly conceived
Seven days make the weak
Cells divide, code propelled
An imagination is born

Warm hum, pervades
prevailing atmosphere
Explore a womb, introverted inner space

From the moment that life
was made out of nothing
In the absence of light,
but still it finds a way

In the dreaming
The secret to creation

Rainbow of thought, sans prior knowledge
Perceive new shapes,
new colours not yet seen

From the moment that life
was made out of nothing
In the absence of light,
but still it found a way

In the dreaming
Safe from outside influence
Forge a new year zero
Sum of the parts equal .... sentience
Track Name: It's Alive
From the first breath is breathed
a rare wisdom
It is not stained by any experience
Quite overwhelming
World to be discovered

All the right tools to learn the true story
Before it becomes a war of uncertainty
Base existence
Honest point to build upon

Wondrous time to ponder
the master scheme
Imagine a beam of light to travel on
Endless prospects
What a time it is to be alive
Track Name: Unconditional Lie
In possession of a genuine sense
Presented with a question to ask
“Why is the sky blue?”
Answer points to providence, as if it is fact

In isolation what path would a child take?
There is a temptation
to repeat the same mistakes

Loss of objectivity
Not close to a balance
Only report what you see, the rest is theory
Conflict of multiple ideologies
Damaging irrecoverably
Abusing your children with an
unconditional lie

Just as a man loses the status of a hero
The day will come when a parent is fallible
Some things are rightly beyond their control
One thing that is not is this unconditional lie
Track Name: All Suns Die
Innocence is a blissful state
Hold on for as long as you can
Trap…its purity

The day I first faced my mortality
Was the day I found out
the Sun would die

All Suns Die

If it were possible to turn back time
To avoid the moment of discovering
the lie
Would you try?

The day I first faced my mortality
Was the day I found out
the Sun would die
An end to childhood,
Which would start the journey
To build foundations
For what I will become
The day I first faced my mortality
Was the day I found out
the Sun would die
Track Name: Known
Could you have known?
In such a short time
Tragedy impacts so many lives
The weight of a soul
Cannot be lost
Energy back to the great reservoir

The burden may not
Become any less
For all of those left behind
Cruelty is blind
Not malevolent
There is no blame to assign

Death is just one ending
To open a beginning
But do not let them tell you what is next

It’s hard to find comfort
From words in the dark
When there are they
That don’t make it home
The very worst hour
Of hollowness
Was standing alone in an empty…… room

Do not let the pain take you
Somewhere you cannot return
Track Name: Harden to Art
To change from one state or concept,
move on
At its core: animal modulation
Harden to art as the cynicism starts

Rage grows, hate flows

Uncompromising, a strength and weakness
No will to bend will leave a broken mess
Make a transition from an angry young man
Or end up in the cold: lost
Track Name: Taste of Doom
General talent, not to be overlooked
Underestimate good judgement
There will be times of snark hunts
And many more blind alleys
Or a quest for phlogiston
History is a colourful journey
Respect for real progress
It might still pull us back
from the edge of doom

Masters of an age:
The anthropocene

Selfless acts are not so rare
Basic nature is not evil
Could perfection be a pipe dream?
With no heaven or utopia
Intrinsic, key values
Must change for a chance to be had
Education, critical thinking
End tradition for its own sake

Masters of an age:
The anthropocene
While the resources are there
So too is a threat: a taste of doom
Track Name: Being Human
Prayer is a mask for the helpless
Hiding from the unknown
that they have been told to fear

The proudest achievement is
to experience
When your child (thinks to) prove
you wrong

Being human
A gift wasted by some
Being human
Give a thought to what that means
Track Name: Free Will
To test faith; tempt alternatives
Your devil is your potential….
A priest lies to protect a redundant view
Tho’ never real it enslaved the world
you knew
Men behind the curtain pull the strings
Open your eyes, learn for yourself

Why must tradition hold you back?
Why is what you have not enough for you...?
For every child that died unnecessarily
There is a stooge that worshipped popularity
Perhaps one piece of the fiction
could be true? And that is this: free will

Every creed there ever was
Has nothing to hide behind
All faiths will dissolve
In the passages of time
If your god would punish you
Two thousand years of servitude
Perhaps he is no god
The god is you, (inside) free will

When the clouds have moved aside
You will see the puzzle gone....
Forevermore resist the mythology
Criticise with what you can verify
A choice apart from blind faith:
The greatest sin of all
Track Name: Air (We Have Come So Far)
From the Earth, to the air
To the moon,
Next step, to the stars
We have come so…

This mind to achieve will not stop
Just shows that hope is there
We have come so far!

You can go crazy musing on
The vastness of space
Time is a thought in a Universe
Fourteen billion years old

When I face the void, I will be complete
Finally free to know the ending
Realm of darkness awaits all the faithful
As it does everything else that
ever drew breath

Science does not have all the answers
But your doctrine, it has none
There is no pain in being
wiped from existence
Disappear as if taken into thin air

As afternoon moves to the evening
The cult of one Empire will close
Too many shades for just one lifetime
The wind will never blow the same again