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by Monsterworks

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Power up and seek the nearest signal Autopilot toward last hope Peaceful sleepers to a violent dawning Imminent collision course Propel to almost certain death Hit the ground running Wake to chaos, under fire Vision cleared, yet blurring Chain reaction forced the touchdown Twisting frame and torn from reveries Spectre gone, so close Pain familiar, temporary reprieve Across space-time, an axiom What is lost, is it madness found? Hit the ground running Light beats dark, give way to shade Live or die fighting Blockade danger poised to burn Hit the ground running Breakthrough to "the other side" Nightmare proves a warning But must hold on to the dream
Cursed 04:39
And as the wreckage cleared With victory declared Turn to focus on The goal of my revenge Fate brings the enemy closer Will not escape me again For the wrath of a god who has spoken Erase every trace that resists Across the galaxy Reach out to those that hunt I am a One man war Driven by hate Gift of the end to the weak All out to find those I seek One will, it will be done Total eclipse of the sun By luck or design is the same end Back from the dead she is born A shard of my soul is her power A weapon as love is dissolved My prize, it is lost and uncovered The gate must be opened again Find them or kill yourself trying A crownless king and a child Across the galaxy Reach out to those that hunt I am a One man war Cursed by fate Now I can see what you are up to I feel your dreams as if they were a part of me Sink into the dark I can wait patiently
Empire conquered, throne overtaken Left with nothing and hunted down Scene of murder and grim destruction Massacre with a brutal design Captured agent revealed hostage Honour bound to a rescue plan Survival distinct from a prisoner's cell No way of knowing predestined path First things first Fury formed Mobilise Remaining force There is hope From defeat One day soon The tide will turn Information by interrogation A new day comes, Matariki dawn Overriding secure access Reduce to practical aim Will strike back at the heart of the dragon Fire grows with little wind A bullet is such a tiny thing Taking away the essential being Oh, how quickly life evaporates
Under the radar / salvage mission Rumour says it / has alien worth Unlikely hero Infamous figure Play by my own rules On a knife's edge Relic to find, collector's fantasy And possible secret technology Unlikely Infamous Piracy is easy / take what you need Proceeds of crime / enough to retire Unlikely hero Infamous figure Play by my own rules On a knife's edge Relic to find, collector's fantasy And possible secret technology Unlikely Infamous The concept / of brotherhood A kinship / among the stars Connection is made while an old flame burns Commonality of same enemy Converge upon this point in history In the middle of someone else's war Back away or become embroiled Already in just enough deep trouble Thought I left that all far behind but then I Never could escape her, coin toss either way
Meanwhile 05:33
Did knowledge cause this bitter curse Where many gods will join the list Meanwhile, my world carries on Unconcerned about all that I've done As far away as I can be Across space, will they find me? Pity those that miss the point Lost without aim and nonchalant It turns out I will stay alone Standing here with true colours shown Meanwhile, my world carries on Unconcerned about all that I've done As far away as I can be Across space, will they find me? There are fires in the night burning me All because I am not supposed to be In this place or this time, or this world It is not natural energy Will I ever see my home That disappeared a lifetime ago Meanwhile, my world carries on Unconcerned about all that I've done As far away as I can be Across space, will anyone remember me? In the distance I see my fate Completely alone, leaves me naked In the distance I see my fate Completely alone, taken by traitors
Warning meets with rejection Reputation discredited Allies found on the fringes Pariah, saviour, pays the debt Look to them rules discarded Criminal minds, an asset prized Secret stores futurity guarded Shot at glory, victorealised Crux Victorialis Inter partes conflict Mobilise the fire-ships Manned by the heroic Weapons of mass destruction Adapt for another role Combined to form a blastnet Clandestine, private goal Ostensibly sound, credible tactic Hell of a time to test the code More than a little luck is needed Cracks appear before the load
Blastnet 04:58
A rip in space—ripping void to herald doom Bringing a war — armada looms through nothingness Predominant — supernaut sets the course Burning red light - flagship at the forefront sails Obliterate—settled moon, first casualty No contest won — armoured in naught but loyalty Invasion planned — pieces move as prophesised Countless slaughter — valour has no meaning, terminal Blastnet, end game Here at the edge - last stand against the greatest odds A decoy, snare - lattice of self-destruction closed Now activate — into the midst of the Fireships soar - a mouse against Goliath's rage Blastnet, end game Blastnet, hold back Blastnet, end game Blastnet, in victory Or oblivion Creation/Destruction Dimensions folded back Or a stalwart barrier Baptism of fire
Godkiller 02:56
Outside of space, that other place Glimpse of all things, at once, all time Back to the start, as beyond Arrive to the heart, prepared Introduce final act, enter the storm Infiltrate enemy, showdown is come Eyes of the world watching, what is the plan? Godkiller, prophet, freer of man(kind) Scene is set for a trap All roads to one destiny Never tamed master slain See clear through the faces again I hold another body in my arms Ultimate gift given away Her energy back where it belongs, so some would say Part of creation, the evolutionary... truth "Death has no meaning, it is just the beginning"
As the dust settles on a selfless act remembered From the edge of utter defeat, depending on the measure Are we pawns in a greater game? A truth behind the veil It is better unaware as fiction makes delusion real Now deposed, tyrant cursed, crushed prematurely As the lifeblood stains the stars, vanish entirely These words need to be venomous, harbour no ill feeling Did not mean to lose my god, it was He that deserted me A temple of deceit that lies forever in ruins Educate and expand to build a heathen kingdom Together we forfeit our birthright's honour Let go of tradition and yield to freedom They say it's better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven But both fates are edges of the same ugly weapon Never again will masses fall the victims of religion Choose a road, pave the way, unite tribes of these planets in peace New age of reason and hope for future generations A moral code delivered in a message of tolerant zeal This is my legacy King and Empire will live on In the bloodline of men Eternal heathen Kingdom
Over and Out 02:48


Second installment of Spacial Operations storyline....

As an aggressive religion lead by the warrior priest Merrick overruns the world of Corollas, the Gardar Empire is defeated by Kingdom forces. The Empress is compelled to flee and a search to capture or kill her begins. While avoiding this deadly chase she has a duty to find a way to stop the priest and free her people.

In the battle for air supremacy, escaping destruction of the capital city where he had seen his companion Sam Crow fall, a curious phenomenon sends uncrowned King Gannon instantly across a vast distance of space in the strike ship Magma Maiden.

The crippled ship eventually crash lands on a remote moon of Saturn, to be found for salvage by the petty criminal, Flood. His unruly gang become embroiled in the mission to warn Earth of the sinister intentions of Merrick, apparently intent on absolute dominion if he can open a gateway between the worlds.

Together, with the help of psychic stowaway child Emily, Gannon and Flood must return to the Corollas system, all the while being pursued by hunters in the priest's control.

The fates of two threatened civilisations hang in the balance ...


released April 27, 2009

Hugo : bass, 12-string acoustic guitar
James : drums
Ian : lead guitars and programming
Jon : guitars. vocals and piano

© 2009 Eat Lead and Die Music
Music by Monsterworks, Lyrics by Jonathan Grenville Higgs

Artwork by Dawid Michalczyk
Layout by Eee for Brutal Incontinence Design

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lewis Childs at Earth Terminal Studios, Hampshire, UK, March/April 2008

HD FDR re-master by Blade 2018

Image Is Nothing; Metal Is Everything

Monsterworks is a Registered Trade Mark in the UK


all rights reserved



Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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