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Spacial Operations

by Monsterworks

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    HD FDR 2018 Remaster
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Firefight 02:49
Sea Out To The Brink Of Forever What Lies Past A Black Horizon? Masked In The Cold Of Outer Night Find The Void Is Liberating Routine Cargo Commission Courier Job No Questions Asked Crew With No Big Ambitions But Fate Conspired To Change All That At The Portside Too Late, Ambush Turn Evasive Almost Defenceless Two Days As The Crow Flies Any Normal Plan Has Gone To Hell Caught Up In A Firefight Blasts The Ship In Half Then Disappear What Just Happened? Now Where Are We? Floating Hulk In Unknown Space-Lost Consider This A Test The Greatest Adventure Comes At A Price Maybe Endless Prospects Or Zero Hope From Living In Exile
Non-Lethal Surveillance Taking Liberties Among "Friends" Just Intelligence Gathering Information Commodity Spacial Forces On Secret Missions Cannot Always Go As Planned Sprung A Trap, Now Leave With Speed Avoiding International Mishap Narrow Window Of Opportunity Like Petty Crime Or Smash And Grab It's A Rush, On Edge, The Risk Political Currency Turning Bad Never Leave A Man Behind But Did Not Count On A Stowaway Perhaps A Lucky Escape This Time Stakes Are High In This End Game
NOvember 04:03
Look To The Stars; Conclude That We're Lost Supralight, No Point Of Reference Travel To The Farthest Extreme Frame Of Mind Slowly Dissolves No Ways Back Or Crumbs To Guide Us Must Rely On Gut Reaction Unknown Chart, Broke Navigation Black Day Dawns In Nihility There Are No Seasons Or Month Called November No Rituals That We Hold Dear Bizarre Worlds On Alien Time What Is Found In Spinning Chaos Resigned To A Hopeless Conquest Trapped In Steel, A Tomb Or Saviour Make Our Fate And Repair Salvage Parts From That That Still Works Suicide In A Wrong Connection Take A Chance And Throw The Switch Closed Roars To Life, Back In Business
Stars Malign 03:49
Awakened In Pain Like A Child Ripped From The Womb Centuries In Cold Oblivion Back To Awareness. I Am Dormant Malevolent State Now Ready To Vent Fury Hyper Intelligence Is A Weapon In My Hands To Kill A King And Will A Planet/Nation To Fall I Am Messiah The Promised One Or So They Think First Strike To The Heart Of The Kingdom Outlying Moon Where A Monarch Will Die Repercussive Effect Through A World Religious War Is Inevitable Cursed By God
Distress Beacon Answered Like A Common Language Ingrained With Duty To Help A Troubled Stranger Follow Signal To A Desolate Place Come To Land In A Hail Of Ice Scene Of Destruction On A Remote Base Some Kind Of Mineral Mine In Deep Space Now There Is Another Ship Coming Fast Friend Or Foe, Is A Random Die Cast Defenders From Far Away Under The Southern Cross Heavily Armoured, Probably A Threat Warrior And Traveller Face To Face In His Eyes Is An Unknown Fate In Her Voice, Softly "(I Think) You're Too Late" A She-Captain And Crew Aboard The Strangest Ship Their Story Is So Crazy, Could It Really Be A Trick? No Likely Explanation, An Ally Out Of Dust Now We Need Their Help There Is No Choice But To… …Trust Who Are They With Alien Marks? Pleading Lost And Far From Home Father, How Could You Leave Me? I'm Not Prepared To Rule Alone Watch A Nightmare As It Unfolds A Hurricane Of Vengeance Gathers Force Heavily Armoured, Allied Against Threat Warrior And Traveller Will Work Together
Fate Of The Home Worlds Is In My Hands Lest The Kingdom Descend To Chaos Ultimate Power Can Corrupt Did Not Ask For This Burden Whether Nothing Or Everything In Life All Men Must Stand To Account A Lonely Crown No Living God Just A Man If I Were To Fail There Is No Clear Heir Dusk Falls On My Father's House Family Line Will End With Me Rivals Will Feud With Each Other Without A Thought For The Greater Good War Will Bring Destruction My Purpose Is To Unite Them Never Diminishing That Resolve One Chance To Fight Back And Conquer All
The Masses Gathered In Open Adoration Welcome Their Saviour, A New Empire Of One Hysterical Rapture Through The Populace The Power Of Belief…works For Me Hosannah Praise My Name Hosannah Written In Blood
It's A Mystery How She Makes Me Feel Like This Such Power But Powerless A Woman Born Of Lesser Kind A Lesson For An Elitist Mind Yet, I Know The Limits, The Fact Of My Predjudice And Place Happiness Above Duty, Both Are A Burden The Internal Universe, The Outer Conflict How Can They Possibly Compare? It Makes Monsters Appear Human And Gives The Weak Strength A Gift For The Misguided, Purpose Such Is Love Pain And Elation Alive Within Empty Without
Alliance 04:04
The Hope For Tomorrow Is To Act Today Can Sense Through The Thick Fog Of Past Difference Secret Audience With Opposite Number Time Is Running Out As The Pawns Move To Attack Break These Barriers Down That Are Between Us Resist Menacing Force, In Rebellion No Mercy Will Be Found In The New Order Sinister Plan Unfold, To The Power Behold Sudden Hell Is Here Blitzkrieg Tactic Blasts Out From Nowhere See Her Falling Down In The Rubble Longest Second Of My Life Cradle Her Head In My Arms Feeling Loss So Complete In This Moment There Is Nothing Else But Unimaginable Grief Can No Longer Think Straight, Pull Me Out Of Here When The Dust Settles Out, From Pure Entropy Seem To Be Abandoned, By Your God Of All Nothing Left To Live For, What Hope Remained Destroyed
Against Such Overwhelming Odds We Find Ourselves Literally As Worlds Collide, Manipulated To Their Doom Villainy Underneath The Cloak Of God Humanity Unwilling To Learn From Its Mistakes This Treachery Was Not Of Me These Tears Are The Truth, Not Mere Belief Lost Voyage At The Edge Of War A Shadow Falls On History Armies Of Blind Men, Fed On Hatred And Careful Lies The Art Of Religion Is Painted With Blood On Cloth Divisive And Evil, You Are What You Despise Mass Controlled By Your Faith In A False Ideology Fleeing Damnation Savage Mistress Made Of Fire Escalates Debate To Late To Curb The Tide Of War For Violence To Abate On A Flight Surrounded By A Great Destructive Fleet Chances Slight For Winning Through My Heaven Is Burning Could This Be The Swansong? Engineered The Sacrifice To Combat Brutal Reign Exile Is Now Complete The Last Link In The Chain Circumstance United Foes A Broken System Left Lesson Learned So Now I Leave Oblivion Quantum, Found


For their third UK release the band went all out with a metal space adventure concept album. Now available as a 24 bit FDR download.

Spacial Operations follows the adventures of Captain Sam Crow and her crew aboard shuttle Rogue, last remnant of the freighter Spectral Taniwha which is destroyed in an attack during a supposedly routine mission to Saturn. In the chaos the ship is inexplicably catapulted into unknown space, hundreds of light years from Earth. Here they encounter a parallel human civilisation on the planet Corollas, in the midst of its own geopolitical problems.

On this world Prince Gannon commands an elite Royal Spacial Forces group undertaking covert operations on behalf of his father. His missions are usually directed towards the Kingdom’s principal rival, the Gardar Empire, ruled by a reclusive Empress.

For a number of years religious dissension has been meticulously destabilising the Kingdom Houses as a secret faction plots against the King. The power behind this movement is Merrick; of unknown origin and inhuman ability, he has gathered vast resources and allies to his cause.

Now is the time for this mysterious stranger's plan to move to a conclusion. The stage is set as the strained nations stand on the brink of open war....


released July 30, 2007

Recorded September 30 to October 4 2006; Mixed 21 to 24 October 2006; Mastered 25 October 2006 at Earth Terminal Studios, Odiham, Hampshire, UK by Lewis Childs.

Re-Mastered September 2018 by Blade


all rights reserved



Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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