The Existential Codex

by Monsterworks

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Wxmaggot Buy this if you love amazing guitar work, intricate percussion, and bass that forms a solid backbone to some of the most passionate prog metal out there. Look elsewhere for cookie cutter metal. Favorite track: The Ride.
Andrew Lovell
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Andrew Lovell This is as perfect as progressive metal gets; progressive musicality and lyrical themes, without an ounce of pretension. This latest release is also the best album from a band with a nice long discography of fine fucking albums. Please make sure you order the physical copy and get the complete set of songs as well as the written story behind the lyrics, you won't be left out of the codex if you do...
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Bucky Monsterworks slays together a mixture of progressive metal, death metal, stoner riffs, and experimental soundscapes. This is progressive metal at heart, at times containing soft deathly growls and others loaded with tripped out monster riffs and mind bending vocal chants. This is an excellent album. Don’t let my description scare you. You’re going to have to take a listen for yourself because it’s some pretty damn intense stuff.
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At higher dimensions, old tree groans, a giant slips free In this time before time, hint of another being here Vivid dream of origins, ability to see the dawn of space Higgs field permeates everything If it all came down to strings of energy, hidden folds that hold the key Perspective of the soaring multi-god Tapped into the well of understanding Why we exapted to this state Was consciousness an illusion or a great mistake? When there is no static heaven and earth knowledge is never the enemy If it could reveal causality that would leave no loose ends in the final tally
Macroscopically stable, while chaos reigns in detail Big picture appears to be set, made from that minutiae With the illusion : Ripple effect, unstoppable wave Entity grows much stronger, in fact, stronger than all Along with it, hurled through the void, then basking in first light First witness to the enabler of life A radiance, warm through the eyelids Primal serenity and now enraptured We are stitched together by a delicate web After initial euphoria, it can be broken or blown away All sanity is fluid, there must be a consequence Realised by the danger of digging too deep Once a sun god : Ripple effect, the unstoppable wave Ever expanding
Little wonder humming inside A spark, that keeps the drama moving After all around had died At the core of everything Working: the engine Powered by growing entropy Navigating a way through the dark labyrinth In a timeless sea Language, continually open to our gaze Irreducible presence, the engine driven by fate Burning and toiling, at every level Converting energy, the currency of change Truth encoded in durable moving parts The truth universal, wherever on this ‘brane Perfectly fluid and frictionless, supreme mechanism Driving the very wheelwork, vain chimera pursued like a holy grail Yet to be unlocked A secret in gravity
So the wave breaks and brings with it a paradigm mind shift that causes the tide to turn We are all interconnected in a complex system of all matter dependent Waking from slumber to breathe again In a temple of distortion This was where I found meaning! It is here, the rising swell, breaking on the beach Unrestrained love, wash over me Cleansing away the last uncertainty Like the mythos at the edge of what we can perceive Obscure hyperbolic geometries
Has it ever felt like there is an edge beyond which knowledge is no use? ‘Being’ like a pull away shot Alone in space, bound by gravity Falling over the horizon Tapping the void Realise that all matter is, energy condensed to a slow vibration We are all one consciousness, experiencing self subjectively Listen to a wise man for what he had to say “there is no such thing as death” “Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves” Come and you will know the truth beyond the flat line Every answer told in the forbidden vale You are worthy to pass through the great filter
I am alive Is ultimate truth unknowable? “Is this real, or is this just a ride?” Some people come back and say “don’t be afraid” “Ever.” And what do we do? We kill them all The demons run amok by virtue of vested interests The lie is made real, its enemy is awareness Metaphysical tsunami: “a simple choice, here and now” “Between fear and love” “The eyes of fear want you to close yourself off The eyes of love instead see all of us as one” Breathing like thunder….breathing I am no longer afraid to taste the naked truth: the magic of reality But at this point the story begins to break down In a runaway positive feedback loop Have we hit a colossal barricade? Defending the limits to imagination With my purpose standing here beside me If love would lead to ruin, so be it The alternative would render darkness Not possible to see the future ….beyond the prediction wall Is it final nightfall on the garden The cult of man reduced to one Each moment precious, never to be again Are we damned or exalted, or does consciousness fold into an eleventh dimensional pathway and soar across the universe for eternity to a crunch or fade It was worth the ride


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The Existential Codex is Monsterworks' 14th release and 8th concept album. It picks up themes that began with The God Album (2011), through Album of Man (2013), Earth (2013), Universe (2014) and Overhaul (2014).


released February 26, 2015

Words and Music: Jonathan Grenville Higgs aka Blade
Recorded and Mixed by Lewis Childs at Earth Terminal Studios
Mastered by James Plotkin
5.1 Mix by Blade

Drums: James
Bass: Hugo
Guitars: Marcus
Guitar and Vocals: Jon


all rights reserved



Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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