The God Album

by Monsterworks

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Recorded in April 2009 at Earth Terminal Studios with Lewis Childs engineering; The God Album introduces a more organic sound for the band sending the listener into philosophical territory. The irony of the title is that the album is not about a singular deity at all; it is a considered critique of the most dangerous social force of our time: organised religion.

The album was initially recorded as a three-piece when still considering what to do about a new guitarist to replace Ian. The choice turned out to be fairly obvious as Hugo and Jon were already playing in a London band called “Dog” with Dimebag disciple: Marcus. He shredded; he was in.

Marcus’ lead and rhythm guitars were written and recorded over the existing tracks prior to and during mixing at Earth Terminal. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute. It is the Monsterworks way.


released February 28, 2011

© 2010 Eat Lead and Die Music; Lyrics by Blade
All music by Blade except “False Miracle” by Wilkinson

Hugo – Bass
Marcus – Lead Guitar
Jon – Guitar / Vocals
James – Drums

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Lewis Childs at Earth Terminal Studios, Hampshire, UK
Produced by Blade and Monsterworks



all rights reserved


Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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Track Name: Everything You Believe Is A Lie
Christ, a myth or man?
Now no longer matters
Message is so distorted by the words of men
The actual son of god?
A flesh embodiment
For all eternity, such arrogance overlooked

Everything you believe is a lie
Everything you believe is a lie

History has a victim
An act well rehearsed
Self-pity reigns in the Kingdom of Israel
Central theme
Of a chosen race
Began the divide, tracing back to Abraham

Vision of heaven
A quaint concept to me
Alive only in dreams

Present day enemy
Just one more crusade
No innocence in a war on progress waged
Never showed a sign
of the slightest sympathy
Stood in the way with a tradition of ignorance

Everything you believe is a lie
Everything you believe is a lie
Everything you believe is a lie
Because all of them cannot be right

These are only three examples
Worthy of a blunt exposure
The contempt that they show for each other
Eventually will
turn inward.
Track Name: Monomythic
Theme, recurring epoch
Ages now long gone
Seek and you will find the link you looked for all along
Follow reasoned path
Most objective view
Question what you ask before you ask it

Timeless gimmick
Common story
That defines a hero
With a thousand faces
Basic pattern
For the trials he must undergo

Adventure, refusal, supernatural
One mission as initiation, temptation
From death to rebirth, now exalted
Atone in triumph, apotheosis

This is not a message of blasphemy
This is some guidance for how it has to be

All mythology in Heaven
Does not describe the truth
The wonder I have seen in colours of existence
Fraudulent construct
It seems the game is up
You know you’re not a saviour you are

Timeless gimmick
Common story
That defines a hero
With a thousand faces
Basic pattern
For the trials he must undergo
Track Name: Reprieve
Track Name: The Enemy of My Enemy
Evil of establishment
Clearly it is evident
You would think we would be closer to
An era of enlightenment
Choked by misguidance
Dominance does not mean truth
Know the only difference
Cult to religious
Is the count of worshipers
Superstition become fact
Repetition of a pact
By design, a twisted view is born

Next messiah waits for his turn
The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy

Self-important usurper
Aspire to superhuman power
To take ideals not yours
From time immemorial
“Do what thou wilt” did not work
Cannot act in absolutes
Eternally deceive yourself
Weak, not strong, this law deserts
Rituals achieve nothing
It’s a private nemesis
Philosophy of hatred cursed
Hail Satan? You’re the biggest fool

There is no answer in someone else’s words
Do not let the rhetoric ever sway your choice
Let freedom reign supreme above all else
And never trust the motives of any priest
Track Name: Origin
Down to the simplest form
There is will to remain
Immortality in the genes you host
Can a miracle be seen?
In absolute destiny
The truth is so much more than this manmade dream

Journey of a seed
On winds of a global road
Shows the path for all in a natural world
Let the strongest live
As the weak may die
Each into its place, the answer “why”

Light will be thrown on the origin of man
Chain of being is now redefined

If landscapes can be transfigured by slow change, so surely,
could flesh modify in the same way

Archive of the rocks is a series of snapshots
Only taken at long intervals
With a badly focussed camera, the analogy goes
In good time disturbs all graves
No vestige of beginning, no prospect of an end
Think of all the species unknown
To taste oblivion is to master nemesis
The clock of Long Now, it strikes the hour

The idea that the Universe has been preserved since Creation
is now dead and cannot reverse

When perfectly viewed
Through an objective lens
The legacy of resistance falls away

Light will be thrown on the origin of man
Chain of being is now redefined
There is grandeur in this view of life
And endless forms, most beautiful
Track Name: False Miracle
Face on the moon made from shadows in gloom
Is a wrong revelation, a logic vacuum
Invisible shape that is all in the mind
These marvels are like clouds in the sky

Stigmata is a fraud
A false miracle never performed

Unverified claims parading as truth
A zeitgeist is spawned when your fear is let loose
An odour of sanctity, stories abound
No question there is work to be done
Track Name: God
Every - single - self serving incarnation
Every - passion - that it tried to block
Betray - reason - the stuff of legend
Every page of every holy book
Is a living, breathing lie

God has abandoned you
When you needed it most
The fundamental error
Faith is a path to nowhere

Petty - jealous – figure from the Old Testament
Anger - for prayers - never answered
What the - truth is - you will never know
No evidence, coincidental chance
Find divine in the widest gaps

God is the human mind
And it tricks us sometimes
If you must believe in something
Why don’t you make it yourself?
Track Name: Let It Go
I realise it is hard to discard
All that you knew from birth
Sacred message shown
Conditioned to feed a divine ego
It will seem like the loss of a safety net, a great unknown

Just let it go
Let it go
Let it go!!!!!

Plea for reason, no compromise for an end to intolerance, this should be the dream of ages

Is it losing faith or running free?
Don’t be afraid to fall
In this you’re not alone
Step forward from a deluded past
No more a world of hate, those walls are coming down

Just let it go
Let it go
Let it go!!!!!
Track Name: (Hymn of) Fire
Cracks have formed in the rationale
Common sense over ancient texts
A moral code is human
Not born from the spiritual world

Life and death unavoidable
As sure as Earth circles the Sun
Learn before you play the judge
Sentenced heretic, condemned
To fire

Monuments to atrocity, found in all religions
Stay preserved or swept away by fire
(swept away) by fire

Terrified of the emptiness
Face the fact we might be alone
For all sins you compromise
When no other logic will hold

The more we know the less to luck
See the wall of reason is strong
There can be peace in a mortal coil
Long before the answer is told

Frost forms, patterns
New birth from nothing
Shows that there is hope still to be found

Those who would dare to ask
“There must be something more?”
Look around to see all secrets revealed
No longer possible for just one man
To possess all knowledge
Even in a thousand lifetimes

To burn words
Is to snuff thought
To burn “The word”
Is to find freedom

An afternoon in a garden, like any other
Alone with a cult of one, the Empire of self
How many shades of light cloak this day?
Never a second chance to live this moment.