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The Precautionary Principle

by Monsterworks

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    Also, Who Am I? is finally supplied in the form of the video edit, which includes a guitar solo recorded a few months after release, but never got finished in the original studio sessions.

    Promo video for "Who Am I?" here: https://youtu.be/I72W-uPOd7o
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M-Theory 02:54
Cause to stop and wonder So vast it seems its not...possible Most perfect vacuum known Not close to outer space I had a dream Which was not all a dream The bright sun was extinguished< And the stars did wander ...All was darkness Lost in nothingness Forced expansion Luminiferous ether Galactic Debris floats Power swells Crushing suns I had a dream Which was not all a dream The bright sun was extinguished And the stars did wander ...Universe Bound by dark energy Who is the king of this kingdom? Life on a scale of geology
Screwdriver 03:33
Boring through the brain like the enemy within Dormant and Delusional Dimensions to break in Theory based on a screwdriver Driven like a nail through Manipulate this into...truth Details of this route to hell Are posted here for all to tell Self-tapping insertion element Implement for fooling government
Culminate preparation lead to this moment History etched in the smile of the victor's face Build at once to a flashpoint, now can't turn back Pulled the pin and blew apart the barricade Opportune time to make a stand and seize the day All paths will converge to an absolute truth No other worth can meet the value of ascension Preserve the mystery and the might of this metal-earth It ends here. Today. How long have you been searching for the answer Maybe you'll conclude its better not to know Open a gate and find beyond your holy grail Is it here, divinity, or a glimpse of hell
Dare to look to the future Empire dies in the chaos Monster rise from the carnage Conquer the masses of lost souls Delusional, drunken with power Summoning ignorant soldiers Standing, but broken, it's too late One chance to test this fate Message is confused in riddles Blood could be flowing in rivers Never the code to be broken Decryption, impossible notion Belligerent battle is certain Like failure for us not an option Like fire, a burning ambition Complete a victorious mission Prepare to die alone Or join as one Image is nothing Metal is everything Charge once more into the breech Walls are built to obstruct us Fantastical violent conclusion Evidence of reduction Trample idolatrous weaklings Laugh in the face of their losses Brutally deliver defeat Fleeing the flames of destruction
Game On 03:54
Foreclose on another life, their time is running out Bad men will die anyway, by luck or by my blade Leave no evidence behind, only dead left in my wake World might be a better place, but still the game goes on Game on, true or false Killing machine, born to this Don't know if it's worth the risk, no logic in this art Forget about the consequence, just living for the day On the run and off the map, it is a well-learned skill Murdering by numbers, join the dots by trails of blood What more motive do you need than pride in a job well done Reverse creation at the barrel of a gun One with the shadows, I'm when the dark takes form Laughing in finality, the death of innocence
Out, of control Strike again Find deceit So the story goes Fall in the dust Your mind is gone Chewing the dirt Tripping again Drag you away Angry eyes watch You cannot see What you've...become Out, of control Strike again Find deceit As this story ends
Don't mean to be blunt But this sure bet has lost once Seem to be blind to the fact you're flogging a dead horse Sum of two parts is Not greater in this case One has the power to make use of self-taught reliance Metal eremite Is feeding on all sight And sound will build up to produce a vista of influence There is no love lost Will accomplish at all cost I am what I am and became a victim of circumstance This is hypertrophy Framing the voice in me Inherent synergy Defining hypertrophic me Vapidity is the Great curse to plague our time Try not to get sucked into the void of the human Autonomous construct Created for myself Inside is the strength to rise up and conquer the hopeless
Bleed the world Watch them die For foreign policy Don't be fooled by propaganda Half-truths lie at every turn Long hard road to resolution One day we may make it there Blind-sided and starved of answers No remorse as the village burns Bleed the world with blunt deception Same message will be preached here Forced to form a state of anger Justified, the hatred earned One more step in the wrong direction A tool that works, the tool of fear Bleed the world Watch them die
Triumph 05:39
See them charge forth Fall like rain as men die Now they lay waste Storm the walls, take the prize It has just begun No glory yet, more blood to shed For honour won An old code, fear be gone In battle concludes Can only end in triumph Sword, raised o'er head Battlement fell to me Tears burn my eyes For the King the day is won From the strength of my forefathers strike down the enemy Tho' I may fall today, I die with my pride Under a sun that provides me a symphony Music to my ears, draw inspiration Join me my comrades as one Stand together there's work to be done Join me my comrades as one Fight together, our blades in union Handed down from my father to me Courage runs in my family Hold fast to the path that I seek No regrets I'll finish …this deed
So say we all Is there something looking over The mistakes of a failed species It is your duty to not forsake hope Future lies in the actions of today Protocol ignored as and when it suits them Reckoning in the end and so say we all Project lives to a timeframe and a perfect model Minimize the risk of rigid regimes Shattering a world in a fine balance Saviour and destruction are found in science So say we all The Precautionary Principle
Who Am I? 04:11
One can't hope to master every art Genius or imbecile, tell apart In all things to take the prize Scientist, philosopher, compromise This, the core to being, they can't see Forced to plead guilty to infamy Living out their most mundane lives Or sold out, what is the price of pride? When you hear so many people Telling you how great you are When they apologize for their own failings Don't really want to know It's no concern to me As long as I can find Who am I? Few are faced with such challenges This sole chance to excel or fail But when I'm old and grey, looking back There must be no regrets to my path


Second album released after Monsterworks relocated to the UK. Recorded and mixed by Lewis Childs at Earth Terminal Studios, Hampshire, October 2005.

Digital version is now provided in 24 bit 48kHz, remastered in 2018 with a greater dynamic range and little more heft in the bottom end.

Promo video for "Who Am I?" here: youtu.be/I72W-uPOd7o


released March 20, 2006

Music: Blade and Monsterworks; except tracks 3, 6 and 14 by Eee and Monsterworks; track 7 by Wilkinson and Monsterworks
Lyrics: Jonathan Grenville Higgs


all rights reserved



Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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