by Monsterworks

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A metal journey from big bang to heat death, while tracing the path of homo sapiens and its possible successor.


released March 11, 2014

Music by Blade and Monsterworks
Lyrics by Jonathan Grenville Higgs for Eat Lead and Die Music
Recorded by Lewis Childs at Earth Terminal Studios, Hampshire, UK
Bass: Hugo
Guitars: Marcus
Drums: James
Guitars/Vocals: Jon



all rights reserved


Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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Track Name: Universe
Beginning in oblivion
Primeval atom point
Forces once unified
Spontaneously tear apart
Creating space and time

Inflation for a millionth of a second
Mass from energy
As it cools in a new expanse
Welcome first gravity
Then strong and weak nuclear
Electromagnetic might
By the first second fundamental particles take form


Now there is enough substance
To be called a void

All the time in the Universe
For Building blocks to coalesce

Until the first spark ignites
Hydrogen compressed to fusion
The first sun is born
A light to shine in the darkness

And then everywhere at last the sky is on fire

Circles in circles, background dispersed, defining a ghost of
the past
Is this the first or the last or the middle of infinity
What was meant to be!

Cyclical regression
Exists, as observed
Chaos and imperfection is the seed of existence
Sown so that it will evolve

Universe of untold beauty
Elegant, complete and free
Track Name: Grandiose
Supermassive centre - the lynch pin, focus point
Basis for growth to begin the task of spinning and -
congealing galaxies
Natural philosophy, language of god; - the Grand Book,
writes itself
Endeavour to discover or wander - endlessly in a dark

All Suns Born
From dust and gravity
Spheres in fluid
Buoyant in the black

A stellar nursery, gas and colours
Embrace the spiral arms of a billion brethren

Across aeons in silence
Structure of the Cosmos takes form

Assayer and examiner
Theorised fields toward a proof
Non-intuitive - Cold dark matter
Self accelerating engine
Clusters will cluster if left alone
From finite mass or break the fundamental law

Living theatre
Ancient and young

Finite age limits
How much light we see
Era of stars entrenched
In a swirling ether

All Suns Born
From dust and gravity
Spheres in fluid
Buoyant in the black
Symptom of the awe
That we all feel
Almost forever
Is the longest time to be
Track Name: Voyager
Nurtured by nature in a quiet corner
Left alone to reach potential
Quest for adventure is an ingrained trait
Gift or curse of sentience

Little explorer as an ambassador
Perhaps will be the only evidence left
Civilisation that has reached outward
Looking back on the pale blue …. dot

How long will we have to wait to know?
To discover whether we are alone
Drake’s equation inspired a message
A Voyager will carry those hopes

The farthest flung object of mankind from home
A mariner in an endless ocean
The grand tour is only just beginning
and may herald the greatest moment ….of all time
A collective outlook
This piece of metal, immortal, floating in heaven

Without understanding, existence is for naught
Observance is a purpose in itself

How long will we have to wait to know?
To discover whether we are alone
Drake’s equation inspired a message
A traveller carries those hopes
Termination shock, heliosphere
Outside the zone of the solar wind
The space probe Voyager
The spirit of man
Track Name: The Bridge
A fundamental shift in the understood laws
Enables the seemingly impossible
Think outside the curve to find the traverse
Shortcut solution to the main constraint
The hindrance of distance

The bridge is the way to cross the great divide
The once fabled “other side”

No violation
Not superluminal
Negative matter
Supports a wormhole in the ‘brane

Prospects of immediate end
The sweet touch of fate’s kiss if such things could exist
What chance? Of paradox
Track Name: Extropy
The spread of man across the stars
In the debt of true power harnessed
Ever present, ever pervasive
The eureka moment
Nature tamed for the common good
The only way is up
Dance a fine line with self destruction

Future’s dream

Interdependence for survival
Benevolent map, the way forward

Altruist learning machine
Serve and be served: symbiosis
Implement the blue print of the prime directive
While the base human pursuit of art and philosophy
Can be perfected by the decree of immortality


Final synthesis
Transferral of conscience
Solving the riddle
Mortal flesh superseded
Track Name: Heat Death
From dim remains
Of the last dying sun
An ancient remnant
Of all that has now gone
Distant age
When the stars ceased to shine
New dark era, dawns

There was no reverse
For the arrow of time
Densities disperse; unbroken line
Toward equilibrium
Light is wearing out
Absolute zero

When everything is nothing, the perspective will change
Decay to radiation, like dust on the wind…heat death

Yet, there is glory in oblivion

Approaching the end of time
When the last photon will die
Fading away
Only silence survives

No Omega point
A gradual end
Final dissipation to mute chaos …..heat death!

Twilight in the garden of the Universe
The human cult’s Empire long since bid farewell
All the shades of light, gone from here forever
The moment that is now should be as your last

Consciousness remains awake in the gap
A memory, dormant, in hyperspace

Maximum entropy
Track Name: Outside Time
I exist in the empty dimension
at the scale of the multi-god
Where The Last Question is answered
by an eternity to choose
Diminished or absolute

The secret of the nature of everything
Can only be learned …. outside time

The outer edge is finally surpassed
The entropy barrier
The substance of one fabric
Every point in every place

To decide to enact the sequence
Carefully prepare my fate
From the vantage of infinity
The end of all ends, an open gate

Blown away by the great creation
Every God has its day
Overlaid by the next inflation
Reborn outside time

Destroyed for love, for now….