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Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber I keep listening to this album by Monsterworks, hoping that some accurate description will hit me. It hasn't yet. I can say that it has a truly epic feel, like you find in Tool or Neurosis. There are many different vocal approaches, all of them excellent--melodic, clean, death metal, tortured screams--all can be found here. Call the music progressive psychedelic death-doom. Sort of like if Crowbar and Bolt Thrower got in a car crash with Baroness and Pink Floyd. Don't ask me how, but it works. Favorite track: Divergence.
Legio Noire
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Legio Noire It's absolutely astonishing how Monsterworks managed to combine elements of death metal, black metal, thrash, atmospheric, clean and harsh vocals and a "pink floyd-ish" overall feeling. Mixing all these different elements made them create such an original and philosophical musical content. Favorite track: The Oracle.
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Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire in April 2016 with Joe Jones engineering, Alternātum approximates a concept album about possible alternative futures for mankind.

Download of Album is available in HD (24 bit 48kHz) and is mastered for high dynamic range (approx. DR10) by Dan Swanö.


released February 21, 2017

Words and Music: Jonathan Grenville Higgs aka Blade; except "Living Doomsday" music by Wilkinson
Recorded by Joe Jones
Mixed by Blade at The Chaos Lounge
Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound, Sweden



all rights reserved


Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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Track Name: A New Branch of Physics
Uncover the secret, decipher the concealed code
Dictating every action, all around is mostly void
From within the nucleus to galactic neighbours

To comprehend these tendrils holding court
Will unlock the buried crypt, at scales unseen
The unrelenting nothing
Replaced at needle point by something

A new branch of physics
That cuts right to the heart of it
That moment when clarity comes, into focus,
One step into a wider world

See the myriad, bright kaleidoscope of possibilities

A new branch of physics
That cuts right to the heart of it
A future unfathomable: genesis

Will the present human mind be augmented by design?
Track Name: The Oracle
From a vantage point near infinity
The ability to see these other worldly projections

I am The Oracle, transhuman being
I was shunned as the devil, so you feared me
I can be your saviour so you will love me

Breaking through a vow, the reaction is everywhere
Providing a guiding wave
I can teach you to ride it and be free

I am the Oracle, with sight unseen
I was there at the beginning and know the ending deemed
I could be your destroyer, so you will hate me
But I came from nothing so you will forget me

Shadows and walls, became the same
A dream of the present is a vision of terminal change

There is wonder; a wonder why and wonder how
Energy is transposed but remains a burning flame, sacred but tamed

Now look through others’ eyes , one occasion everyday
To penetrate bias; accuracy from lies
I was there when fire ruled the sky

When I think of the majesty of the oceans
I am struck by the beauty in violence and the fractal complexity
Of every eventuality, here are but a few
Track Name: Living Doomsday
Whatever happens, it is a gamble
No absolute future written
Win or lose, it won’t make no difference
In a greater game

Where the pleasure was to play
By our own hand, living doomsday

Heading for the sun, the eternal run
Out in the cold
When we were born; the world that we faced
Was already dying of old

Where the pleasure was to play
By our own hand, living doomsday

It may all be for naught
They would say a demon lit the way

Unchained, living Doomsday
It was all for nothing, no one knew the way

Left to their own devices, every culture has it
A projected end, known as doomsday
Track Name: Arms Race
There are they that would seek to stall progress
Chose a moment in time, tinted perfect

A static universe can be willed into being
The method to the madness, like existence is clean
That comfort in contentment is an illusion from which you’ll never be released
Holding back the tide is a losing battle….with the fear of being left behind

Factions at war as they ever were
Seeking an edge for survival in a game

Grounded in the ancient

But we can never know as the curtain falls on the final act
They reap what they sow, unspoken, arms race pact

Equivalent to death by a thousand cuts
Which was the wound which robbed us of humanity?
While all around us dies

A stark warning that the future built today is made by yesterday’s fools
There should be no prescription to compound mistakes
Toward the seeming insanity of an arms race

As all around us died
Track Name: Divergence
A time to rise, as empires fall; born with backs against the wall

This is a well-travelled road for me
So obsessed with godhood at the end of time, that it became my reality; such is belief

A concept without evidence, but even a hive must divide
Convergence to omega point swept away

From my hill I watched all life, the voice rang loud even at that height
Below, though remote, is heard the roar
Axiom clear from the throat of the godhead found at The Aleph... always out of reach

After mastery of transmutation, the next step is a wider interpretation
A prince in a high castle laments this day

One little girl who knew the answer; precious as could ever be
All that matters now and all that ever will
She called back to make herself heard and sung a duet with the Universe
To make the trio, powers always come in threes
So long, I must take my leave
Can you see? Can you see it all? Do you see it all?

The clock strikes in the hall, farewell to the dying day
Regretfully compelled to say goodbye; a closing chapter, yes? No. We fly!

And while upon the road they seldom understand
Barely afloat in fluid which moves as sand, just take to breathe
The air in the garden is sweet, deep in the night
The cult became empire from one, to many
Track Name: Human Denouement
One way or another the ship of Theseus sets sail
Flee from the day and night; the structure of years
Escape a labyrinth of fears

And hide from it, memory spawned from fact
Your mind, underneath the mist of tears
A chasm, where even titans fell, from where darkness spreads, chasing you down

Like a suffocating dream; Majestic instancy
Beautiful ascendancy; all things betray thee, who betray me

As we are combined, living on a rare Earth
You would think that makes us connected? Oh how wrong we were

Tell a story by allegory of Lucifer's Endgame
“I begged the Son not to die, for he faced oblivion not eternal life
The price: purest sacrifice”

While hiding in the knowledge of aeons was the cold paternal lie

Timbers replaced one by one until human denouement
Event horizon judgement, if frequencies align
Pass through or stretched to hell, some form of annihilation takes us all

Death by iteration, reborn by a millionth change
But do not give up yet, the answer is yet to come

If we are supposed everlasting...Why? Why? Why are we alone?