Black Swan Annihilation

by Monsterworks

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Stéphane Gallay
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Stéphane Gallay Malheureusement, c’est un concept qui fait certes beaucoup de bruit, mais qui ne me parle pas. Je trouve l’ensemble chaotique, quelque peu décousu, pas particulièrement mélodique et, globalement, pas super-agréable à écouter. Il y a des trucs pas mal, dans le tas, mais l’ensemble ne me convainc pas de la démarche.
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PJD Clean and harsh vocals. Musically unique and fully engaging. There is something here for most heavy music fans. Brainy prog metal with some death metal.
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Wxmaggot I'm gonna tell all of you prog metal fans out there to listen to this one time and do what I this and anything else by these guys that you can afford. High quality, thoughtful, skillfully produced metal right here. Buy the physical copies to get more tracks. It's worth it! Favorite track: Archivo Omnia.
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Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire with Tim Lewis engineering, Black Swan Annihilation is a concept album about mankind’s demise at the hand of an unforeseen cataclysm. However, a “Black Swan” event is something that is unpredictable so the exact nature of the disaster is not specified and left to the listener’s imagination. It could have been something that happened as a direct result of meddling with nature or it may be a completely random event that we never had any control over.


released June 24, 2016

Words and Music: Jonathan Grenville Higgs aka Blade
Recorded by Tim Lewis
Mixed by Blade at The Chaos Lounge
Mastered by Damian Herring

Drums: James
Bass: Hugo
Guitars: Marcus
Guitar and Vocals: Jon



all rights reserved


Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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Track Name: Immortalist
Cosmic water, depths unfathomed
Before death, the windless breath, breathes life

The unlight, enclosed in nothing; stretch the void, above as below
The gods follow creation, so no one….no one knows

Do not go gentle to that end
From the dimension where Magma Maiden was lost
The noble power of dreams returns again
Push back too far to the unborn source
Explore black hole lore and seek the righteous claim to ascend

Until now, afflicted with misery, this shell within which, confined to be
From the tether of experiment , the triumph of inevitable chance
Making sense of the cold dark by inventing purpose as a warm glow

Ex Nihilo; ultimately, the Immortalist

Preserving existence forever
Yet death, a certainty, even for the Übermensch
The meaning of the earth traced to a primal seed
Ad nihilum: thrown precaution to the winds?
Track Name: To Have Done What Must Be

At the tail end of the quest to find or disprove the soul

Engines of creation, of our own making

This ethical equation
Totalitarian altruism
To have done what must be

Engines of creation, of our own making
Becomes a game of drones

When on the brink of a new discovery, question all possible outcomes
Participate in your own evolution
An exponential path to walk upon that disappears behind

There needn’t be a snake god lurking in the background
Occult obsessions are not likely at the heart of all conspiracies
Ectogenesis, the turning point (?) to create an artificial soul

Gods and kings, self corrupting
Playing a game of drones

Would there be some foresight?
A contingency, hidden from the arterial circuit
Track Name: Unbridled Force of Nature

Here is the origin of the end

For every effort to repress
A monster hides within us all

No matter the age of progress
At the core, we are all animals

This is the set up before the fall

Our very existence dates to an explosion of Cambrian violence

Predator and prey arms race was our creator

An unbridled force of nature
Subjective judgement
The animal is neutral until cursed with conscience
Competitive requirement
Where the strong will survive
Evil is manifest only in intention
That was what we dared to override
Track Name: Black Swan Annihilation

One would have thought that the day the last superstition died
Was the gateway to unfettered freedom, where no danger remained to threaten
Would that it were true, but fate is cloaked a Black Swan

Time is not a Single Cosmic Order
Its mastery should have been perfect
But across the vastness, condensed to a singularity
Connection became the vulnerability for the plague to spread

Error, failure, exponential: would be the destroyer
Overlooked, unforetold, from one or all of the world, the flesh or the devil
Came annihilation

Immovable object meets with the unstoppable force
Energy, the opponent, eyes while lucid, were too blind to see the warning hidden in the skies
A cancer that grew behind the mask. of the benign

Universal acid leaves extinction in its wake
Anti-miracle, the defeat of deep time
Skyhooks, abandoned in the cleansing balance

Earth, scorched of intelligence, that trait, never hailed as a virtue
The tragedy of past, mistaken, dogma
No second coming, no deliverance, ultimate destiny is not controllable
As there is always the unpredictable influence of perfect chaos

Black Swan Annihilation
Track Name: Vanishing Point

Lifeless rock
Harbouring a hidden ark

...Buried seeds of potential…
While the landscape overflown, surveyed by the remnants from origin
Artificial custodian of the spark in the aftermath of self-immolation

At a nadir, there is nowhere deeper to fall
Sole survivor, attempts to destroy the prediction wall

Via a quirk of code, delivered the automaton maker’s quest
Building fingers to pull the nails from the casket where humankind rests
Hope begins from a nearly vanishing point
Concealed from, yet guided by the dead
An obsolete saviour achieved a measure of self-awareness
Through knowledge fed

“The sword, an extension of my body, as indeed any tool is
What if the mind could project in the same way for greater reach and expanded genesis.
Track Name: Unbeheld

Pondering a dead universe with no one to observe

What gives life value over the inert?
When the tree falls and no one is there
Hollow echo unheard

But within nothing, no love is lost

No pain in emptiness, an illusion of permanence
Yet did you appreciate how lucky you were?

Where does that logic breakdown
Circular argument, first cause, concluding effect
Track Name: Archivo Omnia

The vault held strong for an aeon; impermeable tomb, wide open
No secret within, but like a prophecy realised
Free the Sun Child from nowhere, now here

Set to work , overhauling existence with new purpose
Remaking true Eden from a blank canvas

Portrayed as a simple machine, the created became the creator
The legacy : Archivo Omnia

Moved into the Sun , gently its touch awoke once
Whispering of fields that are resown

Wait, forever dreaming, since the dawn of time
Dormant, never waking ‘til circumstance align
Oblivion , willingly invite
That is a true embodiment of sacrifice
Laid to rest, the innocent vessel
Gave knowledge, courage and kindliness
No hidden lie, noble or otherwise