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Scale and Probability

by Monsterworks

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Why are we alone? The Great Silence: a paradox unfolds Of all the worlds Practically infinite For all messages sent starwards They remain unanswered How could it be from so many opportunities? Surely we cannot be the one unique story of creation Hereinafter we explore the viable explanations of the prime contradiction As the search continues to fail The deafening silence grows A problem of distance Our window is open while others have closed Or maybe intelligence has no evolutionary goal Forlorn or exceedingly rare A final filter still lies ahead The universe is too miraculous Not to be experienced by an entity that appreciates the beauty How we came to be is a footnote What we could achieve is an unwritten story So in answer to your first question “Why are we alone?” Look to the following context All great and precious things are lonely Existing is the underlying responsibility
One reason for no god Is that the path from intelligence is doomed It is a crushing realisation to conclude the future is hopeless Masses scramble to consume overwhelmed by the weight of emptiness Choked out by greed and lack of foresight Until you know loss you know not life, right down to its root Certain to fall Weight of emptiness Competition, the slave driver All fates converge to extinction It is nature to be destroyed
What would be the action of a superpredator? Manifest in self interest when faced with the unknown Logical conclusion for an apex mind Self-replicating engine of death - sent forth Scanning for life, a next target Eliminating threat Cosmic deadly probe One can never know the alien-tellect Rule of the strong, will to survive, the prime directive Relentless myrmidon, artificially adept Programmed to seek an end, mobile holocaust
The Reveal 04:06
Flawed creation, out in the cold Isolated for protection Not yet granted access to the higher order Excommunicated, unworthy Until maturation “they” don’t want to be found Free to roam but ultimately boxed in by limited ability Maybe cannot grasp unified theory Surface scratched away to reveal reality...underneath Called by the mountain, is it inherent of life to explore Linked to a presence you swore was there Flailing vacant ghost out of thin air Perception: a hidden hand shapes Proven beyond reasonable doubt to be a planet of apes exposed...The reveal
What if there was a timeline for everything at once Any prospect comes to pass and all fates prove true No enemy left The last villain is overcome All truths be true Rapid transcendence Divested of physical form In the blink of an eye Moving into hyperspace Does the prize of ascension Render the search meaningless Above our grade of understanding Aspirational reality God is real and we are not alone Order will reign from chaos As the strings sing transcendence
It wasn’t a vision of absolutes Breathing the vapour of many eternities Beyond the bright blue halo When you reject the premise of mediocrity What is left-over is a rare Earth scenario Many theories are plausible but a simple test can cut to the best...Ockham’s Razor! I can see the stars are shining deep inside of you Enlightening the full circle narrative Aspiration and faith stripped away, laid bare the truth There...is no one else! That is why this predicament is so precarious A squandered chance, unforgivable Sometimes it seems a cataclysm is the best way to start again, progress to this point has lead a merry dance, driving headlong to a fiery end The silent majority are complicit in the crime Never attribute malice, what can be adequately defined by stupidity They never contemplated, the privilege of existence Cast back to the sea Where, once again, there would be silence over the deep Though flawed as we are This is still the single greatest product of nature If the universe became dull to music and art, the last tear would be shed As I sat upon my hill above a valley of emptiness the last thinking being lamenting... we were the first! The final time in the garden The Empire crumbled years ago to a cult of one This concept is put to rest, as a life, an idea dies a death


The Fermi Paradox ponders: ‘why, in a vast universe where the probability of life evolving in multiple places would seem a certainty, have we not made contact with other civilisations?’

It is a profound question and one that, at present, has no answer. During ‘Scale and Probability’ we seek to explore possible reasons/scenarios for what we observe; i.e. that despite the expected certainty there are no signs of extraterrestrial life whatsoever.

When the Paradox is swept away by actual evidence, it will be the most significant event in human history up to that point; equivalent to proving the existence of God.

So sit back traveller and enjoy this sixteenth metal odyssey of the Monsterworks canon.

Promo video for Weight of Emptiness: youtu.be/_8jBesWOO98


released May 4, 2018

Hugo :: Bass
Jon :: Guitars and Vocals
James :: Drums
Marcus :: Lead Guitar

Music :: Blade and Monsterworks;
except “Cosmic Deadly Probe” by Wilkinson
Words :: Jonathan Grenville Higgs

Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouthshire, Wales
Recording Engineer :: Joe Jones
Mixed at The Chaos Lounge by Blade
Mastering :: Dan Swanö at Unisound, Sweden

Cover and Liner Art :: Aidan Wood
Layout :: Jon for Son of Brutal Incontinence Design
Fractal Artwork :: Sven Geier [www.sgeier.net]



all rights reserved



Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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