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Recorded and mixed mid-2011 at Earth Terminal Studios, ‘Earth’ is an album themed around the lifecycle of our home planet; beginning with its origin “From Dust and Gravity” where a clumping together of rock and minerals left over from a supernova explosion formed a globe orbiting an infant star. Each track progresses chronologically, from an early period called the “Late Heavy Bombardment” which is thought to have delivered water and seeded chemical elements that developed into life and what was to be our “Last Universal Ancestor”. Then we move onto a time where cyanobacteria started to photosynthesize and a process of “Oxygenation” paved the way for more complex animals to evolve, “Powered by Fate” as it were. Explosions of life, even when resulting in huge animals like dinosaurs, were often “Bookended by Extinction” events that wiped the slate almost entirely clean until our chance came in the present “Aeon of Man”.

Take from it philosophically what you will, Monsterworks primarily aims to produce metal which blurs the boundaries between preposterousness and the familiar while hopefully initiating a little independent thought along the way.


released August 20, 2013

Music by Blade & Monsterworks; Lyrics by Jonathan Grenville Higgs for Eat Lead and Die Music, © 2013

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Lewis Childs at Earth Terminal Studios, Hampshire, UK, 2011.



all rights reserved


Monsterworks London, UK

MONSTERWORKS : has unashamedly stolen from a ludicrous number of metal sub-genres to create a truly unique beast. Be it thrash, death, old-school, prog or black metal, there is something for everyone. Expect wailing guitars, wailing screams and a pounding rhythm section, delivered by a four-man war of sound. Surely they can’t be serious? ... more

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Track Name: From Dust and Gravity
The first truth to understand is the vast tract of time
Shaping the way of all things, silent and vigilant
Inevitable consequence of those laws,
physics is relentless
From supernova; elements born:
a star, to metal, to man; all one

Proto-planets condense
around an infant Sun
Fusion ignites its core,
as a beating heart to burn

This world was once a fluid haze of light,
Till toward the centre set the starry tides,
….From Dust and Gravity

(An ode) To the weak force:
present the strongest case
Without which this rock
would be directionless in space
Molten sea before liquid water reigned
Devoid of organic life; but living all the same

Barren cradle, waiting in the underworld
Hardening resolve, but never set in stone
With her orbit in place, determined road
Lucky third world in the Goldilocks zone

"This world was once a fluid haze of light,
Till toward the centre set the starry tides,
And eddied into suns, that wheeling cast
The planets." -- Tennyson, "The Princess”
....From Dust and Gravity

No occasion for a deus ex machina
Simple words; the language of nature
Track Name: Late Heavy Bombardment
Distant duelling giants reach resonance
Looming collisions set on course
Theorised planet, fifth in the sequence
Scattering comets, spirals to the Sun

Cosmic silver bullets
Late heavy bombardment

A hundred million years of hell on Earth

Kinetic pure energy transposed to heat
Afflicts on a scale never since seen
Gateway between natural war and peace
Sterilised to wipe the slate clean

Lunar cataclysm that scarred her face
Apollo found the traces of evidence
That might point to Panspermian genesis
The veil between Hadean and Archean
Epochs defined, destined to survive
Track Name: The Last Universal Ancestor
Boundless source to fuel the change
Thunder, lightning, rain
Against a backdrop of extremes
Evolution crucible
Earth-engine finds its stride
Despite thousand foot tides
Time, the enabler of conditions
For abiogenesis

Chemical reactions
to produce more complex molecules
Simple organic compounds: nucleobase, amino groups

Oceans command, a primitive world
Black smokers or thermal vents
Establish weather in the skies
On the crust, clash tectonic plates

Carve the face of mountains
with movement of glaciers
The highest peak dives deepest,
but one day returns again
It is believed, of the multiplicity of protocells
Only one line survived – the last universal ancestor

“Therefore, should infer from analogy that probably,
all organic beings
Which ever lived on this Earth have descended
from some primordial form
Into which life first breathed....
(the) great first cause of animality
Delivering down those improvements
by generation to posterity.” - Erasmus Darwin

The last universal common ancestor
Progenerator of the immortal gene

At the deepest root of the tree of life,
neither true animal or plant
Alive in its purest form;
something new, unique, in a vast Universe
Track Name: Oxygenation
The strata laid down in extensive shallow seas
Leaves a record of continental growth
The experiment gains momentum for nature

While mountains are built on a macroscopic scale
Down in the depths cyanobacteria....evolved

Unoxidised sulphur and iron
When saturated, a new scope unfolds

Oxygen will rise in the atmosphere
Cycle begins with photosynthesis
A great event or crisis for some
It will bring death to the anaerobic

Sexual age of reproduction
Sharing genes to speed advance

A shining snowball, floating in space
Waiting to find the perfect equilibrium
Complex beings start to move
The trilobites arise
Track Name: Powered by Fate
Still it is time that comprised the vital piece
That sets the stage for the players to animate
To what end could they know to act
No sign of a guide....or a hand
To disprove and to undo a point of fact
Evidence suggests explosion of life

From initial footprints onto land
Treading steps steeped in the basest microbial crud
Naked hills surround a barren shore
Invasion comes, like never before:
first rulers of the Earth

Think - of the loneliness and the silence, those trailblazing few
Pioneers in a, colonising emptiness
Potential patiently waits, in the dark
Rapid emergence in the grand scheme

The greening of the planet to a familiar state
Coasting, inexorable, powered by fate
Ancient forests born in Devonian soil
For the first time, defined, this mortal coil

In spineless mode, courage grew a backbone
Yet in the end all clades will fade and turn to dust
and then (they will) be gone
The rise and fall of all species
Follow the natural order’s consequence
All fates lead to fossilised rock

Eternal war for balance
In a battle toward symbiosis
So much progress gained
But the lurking threat ever present
A slow chokehold building
The Permian-Triassic wall
Track Name: Bookended by Extinction
Born of The Great Dying
That cleared the way for a fertile world
and the most impressive masters yet
An increase in predation pressure
lead to a Mesozoic marine revolution,
in the Panthalassic ocean depths

Prosauropod, walking the land
Pliosaur, swimming the seas
Wing-ed beasts glide through the air

Fireball growing on the....horizon
Oblivious until it set the night aflame
The miraculous age of leviathan kin
Bookended by extinction events
Track Name: Earth
We have come so far, why not a little farther?
Gaiascope dreaming, oasis in the void
Grandeur sacred, sufficient on its own
Maternal vale, no need for revelation

Consider this, the probability
The uniqueness, how precious?
We were blessed with an age of calm
for man to evolve and grip a firm handhold

What we see, a perfect circle
In overview, most striking
Blue marble parallel
Delicate yet robust
to support the most beautiful....accident!

We have come so far, why not a little farther?
Is that the least we deserve?

It was not faith that built the stars
It was not faith that forged the Earth
It was the laws of the Universe

Alone in the cold emptiness
Keeping us warm in the darkness
Embrace life with open eyes
To see that narrow arc of light
Showing our Earth, clearly fragile
Empires will fall, one and all

From fire and air to Earth
A small ball of rock and iron
It is ours for care or destruction until its demise
The afternoon in the garden
where I would contemplate such things
To the evening that became the dawn
and made a new day
(for) There may be only one